Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stay Classy, Blogosphere Dildoheads

Oh the things I have to find out from, of all people, O'Bonermort:

Of course, not all conservatives showed such class and humanity:

"That's right, I don't give a damned about that privileged puke. If he lives through this term, it'll be 52 years we've had to endure that drunken hack that really hasn't done much of anything useful, and gets by riding the family coat tails. Talk about a career politician, time for you to check out, Teddy. Safe to say that I really don't like Ted Kennedy, I don't like him at all. In fact, I don't like any of them. ... I've had more than my fill of the Kennedy's. Time for them to pack up and go away."

Can we no longer find the line between human suffering and mortality and politics? Is your life so goddamned miserable that you find not pity - or even just empathy - but relief in the death of someone because of a fricking public policy disagreement?

It's a sad situation when it becomes so easy for one to be cavalier about another's suffering simply because a) they hold a different philosophy and b) you've never met them. There are a select few in the history of the world whose death was a welcome - and literally, a civilization-saving - event.

Ted Kennedy, for all his faults, is not one of them.

I wasn't planning on writing anything about this since brain cancer doesn't really lend itself well to ass humor. But this sort of crap (to say nothing of that from the brain damaged fringe of other side who've elevated deathenfreude to an art form) just pisses me off. Get a life.

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