Friday, May 16, 2008

This Week in ThunderJournaling (TWIT)

Materialwise, I've just got to say - wow did this week suck. For an ascerbic electronic scribe such as myself, I can't remember a suckier week that sucked more than the suckitide that I had to put up with this sucky week. Between the dearth of NonMonkey columns, my self-imposed stupid leftyblog consumption embargo, a lack of people killing themselves by shoving inappropriate objects up their butts (please use the comment section to discuss which objects might be "appropriate" for butt-shoving), and the depressing realization that the NBA playoffs still won't be over for at least a month, the suck was pervasive in KAR this week. Aside from Iron Matron's t-shirt post and yesterday's epic-as-usual haikus, this ThunderJournal's output consisted entirely of suck.

Here, I made a pie chart to illustrate:

I even got beaten to the punch on the one promising gag that probably would not have sucked. Twice. (For the record, my petition would have called for all employed people who sign petitions calling for the firing of someone to be fired themselves.)

Hopefully next week we'll see NonMonkey back at his execrable worst; or at the very least, some dumbass will immolate himself lighting a fart.

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