Friday, May 02, 2008

Well, That's Interesting

1) A YouTube video appears which purports to show one of Bill Clinton's campaign advisers, Mickey Kantor, saying that the people of Indiana "are shit" and calling Indianians "white n!gg3rs" during a conversation with James Carville and the then 12 year old George Stephanopolis (yeah, I butchered the spelling). It was a clip from the movie "The War Room," a documentary about Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign. It was so provocative that even MNPooplius picked up on it.

2) In a story posted on Politico about an hour ago, the director of "The War Room" claims that Kantor didn't say that, and that the video must have been doctored.

3) After that story, the video was pulled down (try playing the vid embedded at Pooplius). Another was uploaded with the part in which Kantor uses the N-word excised.

4) ???

5) Profit?

This is just another example to support my assertion earlier in the week that the political civic discourse in general, and on the internet in particular, has become one big stinking, steaming turd where gotchas, semantic bullshit, context stripped hack jobs, casual defamations, identity politics, overblown crisis mongering, hackneyed appeals to emotion and cheap guilt by association tricks have replaced anything resembling a truthful discussion of what's best for this country.

The internet has failed.

Except as a venue for poop humor and FAIL images. We'll always love those.

UPDATE: I just remembered: isn't the Indiana primary this week?

That kind of whittles down the list of suspects a bit...

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