Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Steve Sarvi Day!

Who's Steve Sarvi? I have no idea, but leftybloggers, most of whom don't live in the 2nd Congrssional district are blogging "for" him today. From what I can gather, Steve Sarvi:

* Is a veteran;

* Is a Democrat;

* Is running for Congress against John Kline;

* Is a veteran.

* Is a vereran.

John Kline is also a veteran. Not that that matters to my preferences as to who represents me in Congress (as opposed to some pantload who lives in Bumblefuck Firstdistrict), but I figure those bona fides cancel each other out.

However, and much more importantly, John Kline is not a Democrat. So I'll stick with him, the advice of jerkoffs who elected Keith Ellison to congress notwithstanding.

No offense to Sarvi, though. I hear that he's a solid guy.

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