Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Lament on the Restraint of the Human Spirit

We as a species have accomplished remarkable things. We have sent rockets to the moon, are exploring the surface of Mars and have mapped the human genome. We have cured diseases and built skyscrapers to previously unimaginable heights. We have conceived contraptions that can photograph a molecule or planetary orbs. We can transmit a message half way around the earth in the amount of time it takes to eat a canaloupe or two.

These things have all been accomplished because of our innate spirit of innovation, competition and self-improvement that beats in our breasts, fueled by the boundless gift that allows us to imagine. When unrestrained, the possibilities of what we can accomplish are limitless. You made the world's largest cheeseburger? Fine. I'm going to construct a 3 ton cupcake!

Of course, when we hold back - or are held back by others - we stagnate. And if we stagnate, we will go tits up as a society. When some boob comes along and cans an attempt at human augmentation, I think that it is our duty to say them to "Tata! Time to head for the hills, bucko." We must never paralyze ourselves like a deer in headlights; never put the quest for innovation on a rack, to languish untried like a Minnesota pontoon boat in the winter.

We must never allow others to dictate what we cans or cannot accomplish.

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