Monday, June 23, 2008

Moron "Male" Fail Monday

A City Pages journalist and a city council member equate an 1877 lurking law with discrimination:

Last week, Cam Gordon moved to repeal an anti-lurking ordinance which has been on the books since1877 (seriously), arguing that the statute is vague, overbroad, and discriminatory.

The motion failed by a 7 to 5 vote.

Minneapolis is one of just two cities in the country that has a specifically tailored anti-lurking ordinance. Proponents say it helps combat drug dealing. More specifically, the ordinance gives police the power to write up tickets for drug dealers who don’t necessarily have any drugs on them, which is to say non-drug dealers who merely look suspicious, which is to say “tan” people hanging out downtown after 11 p.m.

Which is to say Bradley Campbell is a moron. Let's have a look at one Mpls. precinct crime map earlier this month:

I count 1 homicide, 1 rape, 10 personal robberies, 9 aggravated assaults, 1 business robbery, and four domestic aggravated assaults in one precinct in one week . While we may not equate all of the above with lurking, I'm sure it may have played a part. But that doesn't matter to Cam and Campbell as much as ignoring crime prevention and playing the race card:

Of the nearly 300 people who’ve been arrested or cited for lurking the past two years, 74 percent are minorities.

“It’s just a poor ordinance,” says Gordon. “The conviction rate hovers around twenty-five-percent and it also contributes to economic and racial disparities. But while the motion failed, there were two pubic hearings and people were made aware of institutional racism.”

Which is to say that Cam Gordon is an institutional moron.

I don't see tan on these maps — I see red, yellow, purple, blue, and lime green. How long have laws against assault, murder, rape and robbery been on the books? Let's remove them too because they're "vague, overbroad and discriminatory."

F-ing idiots. I need a mojito already — which I will also drink to celebrate another moron FAIL.

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