Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The News in Haikus

The five worst ways to
Get hammered. For some reason
Grain Belt not on list.

Speaking of Grain Belt,
This is what it feels like to
Get nailed on that shit.

You say "to-may-to"
I say "sal-mAH-nella"; Let's
Pull them off the shelf.

Junior hits number
Six hundred. Five-ninety-nine
Came in '95.

Irony defined:
Guinness record restaurant
Can not serve Guinness.

Kucinich intro's
Impeachment, Martian buddy
Gorbazz to the House.

When was KAR
Quoted in The Blog House???? We
Want a retraction!

Lake Delton dam breaks.
Tommy Bartlett to create
"Mudhole Adventure!"

Big Brown lays a big,
Brown turd. The Nihilist must
Have bet tons on him.

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