Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Defense Stipulates All Facts. And You Still FAIL.

As reported in the Soros-funded Minnesoros Independent, the Soros-funded Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Republicans Washington has filed an ethics complaint against Norm Coleman for renting a hovel from a GOP lobbyist friend for $600 a month since last July.

And there also was some accusation about Coleman's employment of the landlord's wife. It's as if the CREW crew has never heard of networking before.

Seriously. Those are the facts. That's it.

This apparently, according to CREW violates the gift limit under Senate ethics rules. The complaint (well, really, it's just a fax written in impeccable IRAC form) points to two instances in particular: 1.) Coleman missed 2 nonconsecutive rent payments for November 2007 and January 2008 (say, is Congress in town at the beginning of those two months...?) which were eventually paid; 2.) Coleman's March paycheck wasn't cashed by the landlord for three months. Oh, and to settle one of the months' back rent, Coleman sold the landlord some furniture.

Number of months Coleman has leased from this man: 11

Number of months rent was paid: 11

And the story here is what, exactly? If the landlord was trying to payoff the Senator or give him a side-door gift, what about the other 8 months (2007: July August September October & December; 2008: February, April, May and possibly June) when the rent was paid on time and the checks were cashed. Why November and January? Why hold just the March check? Certainly there can be no other explanation for the 3 relevant months in this casual business relationship?

Not if your a Soros funded hatchet jobber trying to get moonbat liberals elected without having to actually defend your stupid stances on taxation, energy policy and national defense.

Finally, for those barking seal MDE wannabe lefty douchebloggers wondering why the MNGOP is just attacking CREW and not addressing the substance of the charges, it's really very simple.

It's because there is no substance to address.

Is this all ya' got?

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