Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Farewell to OPG

As you read earlier, this morning long time KARnie Obnoxious Packer Guy tendered his resignation, which I accepted. OPG served this ThunderJournal - and served it well - for nearly 3 years. While I wish he could have stayed on through this season to chronicle the Packers' march to the Super Bowl, I realize that we must now wish him well in his retirement and move forward as an organization.

I and all the other KARnies greatly anticipate The Analog Kid's new role as KAR's chief Packer ranter. But I think AK realizes, as do we all, that you cannot replace an Obnoxious Packer Guy, you can only succeed him. I know that we will find that AK will bring his own unique style and talents to the job that will make him incomparable to all those KARnies who have come before him.

Please join me in thanking OPG for three great years here at KAR. We will miss him, even as we move toward a more glorious future.

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