Friday, July 25, 2008

Is It White Out Here? Liveblogging the 2008 MilF

I'm Holly Fleisshammer, and I got a new job here at KAR because, ka-blammo, I'm Post-Toasties at my previous employer, Fleeb Magazine, the magazine covering the Minneapolis tattoo industry. One day I was out having Mojitos with Steve Perry and Karl Bremer and Andy Birkey, snickering at other peoples' tack-kay choices in accessories (like, purses made out of gas mask bags? Hel-lo? 1987 called, they want their gaffes back? And the next minute, I've got a pink slip. Which makes me like 95% of American workers will over the next couple of years, according to Media Matters for America. And if they say it, you know it's true.
So with a choice between working at Hooters or writing for Kool Aid Report, a collection of a bunch of white guys in their basements in their underwear writing scathe-a-mundo social "commentary", I took the writing gig.
My first job is to cover the "MilF", which is some kind of golf tournament. I don't know much about golf, but a writer can write about anything.
So it's time to head out to the golf course. It's in the suburbs - hel-lo, white people! - so I'll have a hard time finding it.
But I will start my liveblog when the golfering starts.
See you then.

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