Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Long-Haired Freaky People Need Not Apply

So there's a design-your-own-RNC-lawn-sign contest going on:

Yard signs are as ubiquitous and familiar to the American political landscape as baby-kissing and stump speeches, combining catchy images and pithy campaign slogans to increase visibility for vying candidates and their parties’ messages. In honor of this election season, My Yard Our Message turns this tradition of political ephemera on its ear with a unique national competition: we’re putting the message and the creative design for these political yard signs in the hands of artists and then—in true democratic fashion—you, the people, will vote among the entries to determine a selection of fifty winners, whose designs will be made available to order as full-sized political yard-signs after August 1.


Starting July 1, the public will be invited to vote on the artist-created design submissions. The top 50 vote-getting designs will be announced August 1 and, subsequently, made available to order as a full-sized political yard sign for $20 including shipping. Top designs will also be available for free as PDF files. In addition, the Walker Art Center and mnartists.org will print the winning yard sign creations and place them in neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities metro area, including those immediately surrounding the site of the Republican National Convention.

OK. I admit that my first reaction to this was similar to when I see an especially pompous letter to the Strib, your typical protest march or any other kind of left-wing douchebaggery that's heavy on spectacle yet thin on substance:

And if you look at the entries you certainly will catch an eyeful of smug leftist garment rending. But the entries do run the gamut from clever to inscrutable to puerile.


We do puerile, right?


The delegates, media and hangers on coming here to the RNC will be subjected to enough liberal rage communicated in every conceivable way. Therefore, I commissioned Iron Matron to create a yard sign that really would be informative to our out-of-town guests; a sign to help explain some of the more outre or offensive behavior of some of our fellow citizens:

Unfortunately, we missed the deadline for the contest. Print it out. Blow it up. Put it on a stick. Stick it in your yard.

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