Friday, July 11, 2008

Star Tribune disproves evolution

If natural selection really makes species better, how do you explain the existence, in this stage of our species' development, of a news reporter who allows a "controversial" moron to describe his opposition rather than asking someone who actually, you know, might oppose him?
His opponents, he said, describe him as a "strident, militant atheist" because of his activism in the debate of evolution vs. creationism.
Since this reporter and his editors are clearly statistical outliers on the whole "has half a brain" chart, I thought I'd do them a favor and clean up that quote a little:
His non-straw-men-opponents describe him as a "strident, militant jackass" because he doesn't actually consider the opposition's arguments, preferring name-calling and publicity stunts that we media folks fall for every time.
That sounds more like it.

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