Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Really Shouldn't Talk to Each Other Any More

[LearnedFoot (FOOT) sits in a barcalounger at KAR corporate HQ, jamming to an Alice in Chains CD. Enter BILL.]

BILL: 'Sup Foot?

FOOT: Just jammin' to some Alice in Chains. 'Sup witchoo?

BILL: Just saw an interesting story on the local evening news.

FOOT: Really? Do spill.

BILL: Well, it seems that a cockfighting ring was busted in the north metro yesterday.

FOOT: !!!!!

BILL: Yes, dreadful, isn't it?

FOOT: So you're telling me that a cock ring was busted somewhere in the north metro???

BILL: Oh...no. I should not have said anything to you about -

FOOT: [Musing] WOW! That dude must have had a huge boner!

BILL: I'm going to leave now. [Exits.]

FOOT: [Singing along with CD] Heeeeere they come to snuff the rooooosterrrrrrr...

[Fade to black.]

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