Friday, August 15, 2008

Dinnnnnnnnnnnnng. Donnnnnnnnnnng.

Look out, Minnesotans: the clip-boarders from Hell are coming to your 'hood... and won't go away until you comply.

If you're an undecided Minnesota voter, expect a volunteer for Barack Obama's campaign to knock on your door — probably early and often.

The Obama campaign in Minnesota today announced what its leaders described as the largest volunteer effort ever in the state to identify voters' candidate preferences, persuade the undecided to support the Democratic presidential candidate and turn them out to vote.

An estimated one in five voters is undecided, and the Obama campaign will visit them "as many times as it takes to move them," Jeff Blodgett, Obama's Minnesota campaign director, said during a conference call with reporters. "It will be definitely multiple conversations at the door."

To which I will respond with multiple deployments of my pepper spray into their O-holes and say I'm a decided voter for Bacon.

To prevent visits from even starting, KAR recommends ordering your Bacon For President lawn sign and planting it NOW.

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