Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Her Face, At First Just Ghostly

Via Mitch (big white guy), Bob (I like to pronounce his first name "Bahb") Collins (smaller white guy) reports on the self-heralded "diversity" of the Minnesota delegation to the Tic National Convention, who will all be going to Denver to vote for the same guy:

The DFL held a news conference today to tout the diversity of its delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Denver next week. And, no question about it, it's diverse.

"It's one of the most diverse delegations in the country," said delegate David Gilbert-Pederson, 17. That's him standing on the far left in the picture above, next to Sen. Patricia Ray Torres, a Latina, who's standing next to Minneapolis City Council member Robert Lilligren who is a gay Native American, who is standing next to Dr. Josie Johnson, an African American from Minneapolis, who's standing next to Shanti Shah, an Indian American from Eden Prairie. Former DFL Party chair Rick Stafford, who is gay, is shown speaking and Sen. Mee Moua, who is Hmong, hosted the event. Sam Scott of Andover (profiled here earlier) is, obviously, white, but he's also young and is a vet of the Iraqi War

Hooray for diversity! Though I find it odd that as yet none of the more prominent (*coff*) local DFL mounthpieces / hatchet jobbers have trumpeted this important achievement. Indeed there's nothing about it at MN Campaign Report (all white), MNPublius (whiter than the Wayzata winter snows) or MNBlue (Whitey white white white.) as of this ThunderJournal posting. Indeed, if you're into irony, Molly "Is It Really White In Here or Is It Just Me" Priesmeyer's new home, Minnesoros (finger quotes) Independent ( White (and gay) white white white white white white white and... white - albeit with an abundance of super hip eye wear) is likewise mum.

[I decline to mention Phoenix Woman here, as she has guarded her anonymity well, leaving us to merely guess at her Diversity Status; which is a risky proposition given that some studies suggest that schizophrenia disproportionately affects certain races and demographics.]

Compare that to the true diversity amongst the constellation of local conservative blogging all stars. To name a few:

Me: Swarthy-Hairy-American (and born with 6 fingers on my left hand!). And as an Irish-Italian Packer fan, I comprise the tiniest minority in this state.

Iron Matron: Cancer-survivor-American

Bill: Pie-Decorating American (not to be confused with GLBT)

The Head of Alfredo Garcia - Meth-Addict-American, possibly from Guam

Xerxes / Ryan - a proud member of the Sphinctorally Challenged Community

And that's just KAR! Over at Fraters, you've got a Tooth-Impaired American (Chad), a Pear-Shaped American (St. Paul) and an Alcoholic (all of them). Nihilist in Golf Pants features a blogger suffering from Dyspeptic Rage Syndrome (the eponymous Nihilist) coblogging with an acerbic Polack (Sisyphus).

So don't be telling me about how a delegation that includes a liberal gay Indian, a liberal female black double-amputee and a liberal Trinidadian immigrant with Asperger's syndrome is diverse. It's just more of the same.

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