Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Coming Out

Infinite mea culpas for the feather light blogging lately. I've been super busy at work. And what little time I have left over is being used studying how to play craps. I'm going to Vegas in October, and I've only made one pass line bet in my entire life (which I lost in a matter of seconds, causing me to go back to the blackjack table where I could lose my money in a less efficient fashion). But I really REALLY want to play craps while I'm there because a) the Indian casinos here are prohibited from having table games other than blackjack, and 2) it's called "craps" - as if the game were invented with poopbloggers in mind.

So I've been reading up on craps play online (text, video for example), and am getting pretty well versed in the different betting opportunities, etiquette and terminology. Especially the terminology. Before last week, about the only thing I could articulate about the game was "It rolls the dice against the rail" in a perfect Buffalo Bill impersonation. Now, after literally minutes of intense study, I can put together extremely complex and filthy-sounding sentences, such as:

When the shooter grabs the bones from the stickman and the buck's on inside the rail, I'm putting one in the box and putting free odds on the come while my six is working the hard way, unless there are lay bets, in which case I'll be workin' the easy four and maybe I'll proposition Yo-leven. Come.

It's been a journey. A long, giggle-intensive journey.

Any tips, betting strategies, no-nos, etc. from experienced bonemen and bonewomen are welcome. Come box.

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