Friday, August 29, 2008

On a Personal Note

As someone who is probably more intimately familiar with Palin's chops as a Governor than every other single pundit and Soros-paid blogknob commenting on it (up to and including Eric Black's cherry picked professor) - and I'm not exaggerating about that rather remarkable claim as anyone who knows me knows - I have to say this:

Solid pick. Better than Romney. Better than T-Paw. Waaaaaaay better than Lieberman. She balances the ticket perfectly. Just look at the metrics:

Palin: Solid Conservative (and an overachiever with a low tolerance for bullshit)
McCain: RINO who's often the source of same said BS

Palin: Young
McCain: Old

Palin: Girl.
McCain: Boy

Palin: Hot
McCain: Ugly

McCain: Not Obama
Palin: Not Biden

And I would also submit to both Eric Black and his Random Professor Who Tells Him What He Wants to Hear: 2 years experience as a chief executive is worth more than 30 years as Senator.

Oh, and one more aside: Biden should be scared. She will rip his nuts off in the debates (rhetorically, of course.)

[Loaded question]But what do I know? [/Loaded question.]

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