Wednesday, August 06, 2008

OPG: Free Sisyphus

I have long felt sorry for Sisyphus, stuck in that Fraters' B-material-clogged ghetto of a blog, The Nihilist in Golf Pants, since 2004, with a combination of the Stockholm Syndrome and mint juleps blinding him to the evil hell hole that is the Nihilist in Golf Pants franchise.

But now, the scales have fallen from his eyes and he has now come to recognize what an ungrateful and despicable bunch the Nihilist, Misanthropic Frat Boy et alia are. Indications are that Sisyphus would like to end his blogging career with the Kool Aid Report and I say let him do just that. It is the only humane thing to do. Blogging a couple of years with this ThunderJournal won’t make up for 4 with the Nihilist, but it would be a start.

The Nihilist seems to have decided that Sisyphus can’t blog anymore, (relegating him to being the mouthpiece for some obviously fictional Viking fan with the rare ability to form a complete sentence) yet they don’t want him to blog for the ThunderJournal he really wants to blog for. If they really feel that Sisyphus is so terrible that Misanthropic Frat Boy and the Nihilist himself have had to assume the role of point men for the top 11 lists - a Sisyphean invention - they should be happy to see him blog for their chief rivals, KARNation. And maybe then, Sisyphus will have the creative freedom to finally euthanize that awful derivitive character Cynical Vikings Guy.

(As an added bonus, we wouldn't require Sis to wear the Nihilist's Notre Dame thong underwear while composing posts.)

Nihilist's vindictiveness, like Misanthropic Frat Boy's suckitude, knows no bounds.

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