Monday, August 11, 2008

Profanity Is Super Sexy And Not Terrible

Given that I load Residual Forces into my browser daily and relentlessly refresh it so that I can immediately read Teh Andee's latest misspelled and syntactically impaired opuses of wisdom and level-headedness, I'm surprised that I missed this. For those of you understandably wary of surfing over to RF and wasting precious minutes trying to decipher just what it is Teh Andee is trying to say, let me summarize:

Sum artikle sez dat teh leftie bloggers are moar profane then righty bloggs, and taht's with KAR dragging teh later down sum.

A columnist for the Washington Times found that (*shocking*) lefty bloggers tend to drop more f-bombs than righty bloggers. Andy thinks this gap would be even larger were it not for us saucy commentators here at KAR.

My first thought upon reading it was that this article will probably force dozens of outraged leftyboogers to reflexively write excessively effenheimer-laden posts like a bunch of children saying "so whatya going to do about it?" while excusing same because they are so angered by the taxcutsfortherich and ourcrumblinginfrastructure and thisillegalandillconceivedwar brought about by the reign of King Chimpee McBushitlerburton. (And if you have enough surplus sanity to look around, I'll bet you'll find that I am right.)

Because - you know - they're clever.

As to our own sins against taste, I can only offer the following excuse: we try to make more artistic use of the bluer words in the lexicon. No profanity for profanity's sake here. We view Naughty Words as more of an aesthetic device than as a gap-filler for blind spots in our vocabulary.

Hope that clears things up. Penis.

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