Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sauce for the Gander


Oh hey! Didja see Phoenix Woman whining about which bloggers were invited to cover the RNC?

Why no, I did not.

Well, no biggie. The ravings of an oblivious lunatic flaming psycho charming woman like PW isn't easy to take for the terminally sane. Oh, sure she takes aim at some local conservative bloggers, barfing out petty insults and ignorant assumptions of fact as always. The post itself was totally unremarkable for her save for the fact that she didn't descend into her typical fellatio-of-some-communist-dictator-via-prose or insipid conspiracy theory for a change.

So, then, why do you mention it?

Well, the interesting part of all this is that shortly after she posted her tripe, our old pal Teh Andee's blog - mentioned specifically by her - got hit by a DOS attack.

You don't say.

I do say. And I think it's safe to say with absolute certainty (because that's all PW requires of herself) that Phoenix Woman aligned with a cabal of fellow dim bulb leftists instigated, orchestrated and carried out this heinous repression of Teh Andee's free speech.

Well, uh... isn't that kind of a kooky -

NONSENSE! I see two independent events, insert my own conclusions based on half-truths, I connect the dots from there, and - joila - I have conclusively proved PW is guilty of shenanigans! Q.E.D.

So you think it's OK to draw connections where none may (but possibly could) exist, make shit up and just blurt out a barrage of casual slanders? Aren't you being just like her? About the only thing you haven't done is cite Mark Gisleson as authority. What the hell is wrong with you anyway?

Sorry. Did you miss the quasi-html tag at the beginning of the post?

In any event: Phoenix Woman intentionally crashed Residual Forces. She should rot in prison.

Ah. I see. How, then, does that explain me - the voice in your head?

I'm a method actor. When I get into character - BABY! - I. Get. Into. Character.

I see. Goodbye.

Ta ta for now.



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