Friday, August 01, 2008

A Word from the Managing Editor

As Managing Editor of KAR it is my obligation to address the concerns of you, our valued reader. Many of you have expressed your concerns about the events of this week surrounding our former coblogger, Obnoxious Packer Guy. Several readers seem confused as to his status given that he's posted more since announcing his retirement on Monday than he has over the past year.

The truth is this: OPG has had second thoughts about retiring. He hasn't been able to let go. Those of you familiar with OPG's work know that he's a passionate and fiery writer, so it's only natural that he may have trouble walking away.

That said, we remain committed to the Analog Kid in the role as Primary Packer Ranter. And I'm sure he'll do a fine job with it if he ever gets around to actually posting something. We have been in contact with OPG and have offered him a case of Milwaukee's Best and a 10-pound crate of lanjager if he forevermore ceases blogging. We have not yet heard back from him. I will keep you posted.

On an unrelated note, the KAR Department of Fanciful but Crudely Rendered Graphics has put together a Brett Favre status alert system, so you will always be informed of the quarterback's frequently changing status. (You may recall some of their past work, as seen here.) Today, based on this story, we're at status level yellow:

You can find the Status report on the sidebar until, presumably, Favre dies.

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