Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Audacity of NALBS

I'll be in Vegas during the first weekend in October. One of the great things about Vegas is that you can bet on sports there, unlike certain other unenlightened states that gave us Fritz Mondale.

If you have followed KAR for any amount of time, you are already aware of the most genius NFL betting system ever devised by a C-level blogger: The Nihilist Anti-Lock Betting System or NALBS, for short. The system is so simple, even an economically illiterate lefty blogger can use it(*). To summarize, The System works thus:

1) Ascertain the Nihilist in Golf Pants' ATS prediction of any given NFL football contest; and

2) Bet the opposite.

Historically, the NALBS has hit over 80% of the time; a success rate that makes the late Jimmy the Greek look like a leftyblogger commenting on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Since I will be at a Vegas sports book while the NFL's week 5 games are being played, I thought this might be an excellent opportunity to put my money where NALBS' mouth is. Therefore I propose the following Actual Thing That I Will Do:

If the Nihilist provides me his ATS picks for the Sunday October 5th NFL games (not the Monday night game as I fly out of Vegas Monday afternoon), I will use those pics to make one or more wagers at the book. The bets will probably be parlays, given the NALBS' high success rate and my desire to use as many of his picks as reasonably possible. Some parlay cards will payoff at lower odds in return for allowing you to lose one play on five or six-way parlays, and given the 80% success rate, this may be the way to go.

For the Nihilist's benefit, here is the schedule for week 5, so he can start thinking about the games (but not too hard!). No useful lines are available yet. Spreads upon which Nihilist makes his picks must be reasonably close to those available at the time I make the bets. Void in Delaware.

Should The System pay off big, I will buy the Nihilist a beer. NO! I'll buy him two beers!

I anxiously await word from the golden goose. The Great NALBS Vegas Challenge has begun.

* Not a guarantee.

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