Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If I've learned 2 things in the past 24 hours, it is this:

1) Local lefty bloggers are about as well versed in basic economics and the operation of securities markets as I am in the field of particle physics, and therefore should be aggressively ignored. If blogging were Site Meter, then most local lefty bloggers would be the recent Site Meter "upgrade".

2) Lesson number 1 cannot be repeated frequently or loudly enough.

That's why it's so profoundly disturbing that the one man who can lead the MOB through these difficult economic times (well, only difficult if you own 2 or three bad stocks, or you sold off your holdings yesterday and put the meager proceeds into a money market fund earning 1.3%, but I digress) has not yet thrown his hat into the ring.

Yes, the incumbent mayor, King Banananamaniaiaiai has not signaled his intentions for this upcoming election. MOB election history has not been kind to the incumbent (Doug went nuts, Andy became incoherent - possibly from a stroke), which is why it is imperative that King run for a second term to make this election as entertaining as it possibly can be.

This is the second-last call for nominations. Please use this thread for those, and for sliming the other candidates. So far, the following victims have been nominated for the office o' Mayor:

Iron Matron

The Guy at shot in the Dark Who Isn't Mitch (a/k/a JRoosh)

Teaparty (a name which I believe is of French origin and translates into "Das Ubergeigh" in German)

Bobo the Foul-Mouthed Chimp

Margaret Marteeeeeeen

The Nightwriter

Captain Ed

Lady Logician

Kevin "Kevie" Ecker

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