Sunday, September 14, 2008

FAIL-Weekend Edition

Where to begin?

Dave Looney-Thunes shows he can type swear words with the best of 'em. Nihilist offers to decode KSTP's expletive encryptions of Thune's fornicate and missile dick reference. I chalked up a FAIL for not getting the Guerrier & Crain line and having to Google it.

Speaking of lowercase "p"s, this guy probably got his tasered in Florida.

At MinnDepends, Paul S crowed that a big truck blockade was to coming to the RNC September 2. I heard from a reliable source that one truck showed up and parked with maybe one car behind it. So that explains why there are no follow-up stories of it in our MN Soros-media network.

Speaking of truck fails:

Finally, my FAIL "pic" of the week:

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