Thursday, September 25, 2008

The MOB Mayoral Debates -- Debate #2

Da roolz:

1) The debate shall take place only within the thread appurtenant to this post. Please do not post your debate answers on your blog, since nobody reads it.

2) Only mayoral candidates, the moderator and Sisyphus may post comments in this thread.

3) The candidates shall discuss only the debate topic or question presented in this post.

4) The MOB voters have the right to know the candidates' positions on the vital issues of the day, like the possible sexual proclivities of their opponents. THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR LIFE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO STRIKE ANY CANDIDATE FROM THE BALLOT WHO DOES NOT ADEQUATELY PARTICIPATE IN THE DEBATES. [Lady Logician, Bananianainan, JRoosh -- I'm looking at you]

TOPIC: Freedom of Speech

DEBATE: In a shocking development, the mainstream media has recently discovered that the vast majority of "people" who leave anonymous comments on blogs or other public comment engines are cretinous dateless wonders who are an obscene waste of the carbon molecules that comprise them. As Mayor, what will you do to Spot the offenders like an astute Minnesota Observer and dispatch their online droolings in a Flash? Don't Two Putt on this one. ~ Penigma.

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