Friday, September 12, 2008


Oh that cheeky old Molly's being all cheeky again:

The irreverent internet meme that first appeared as LOL Cats then morphed into LOL Bush and LOL McCain has made its way across the irony bridge to LOL RNC Riot Police. A blogger at has uploaded photos of RNC police, including one of our own (pictured above), into the LOL generator to create a new RNC-themed meme, LOL Riot Police.

Want your very own LOL RNC Riot Police to have and to hold? Check out our Flickr photostream of images or our featured picture gallery, “A week on the street in pictures,” pick out your favorite RNC police pics, upload them to the LOL Builder, then post your LOL RNC Riot Cops in the comments section here. We’ll post our favorites, including some of our own, later.

LOLZ. You got it toots:

Y'all know what to do...

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