Friday, September 19, 2008

Moron Mail

Duct tape your head. This is a good one.

Exactly how stupid does Norm Coleman really think we are?

I'm sure I don't know. But, as you can tell from the title of this post, we do know exactly how stupid we think you are.

After watching his attack ads, it seems pretty clear. We all know Al Franken failed to pay taxes in 17 states and overpaid in Minnesota. Honest mistake if you ask me.

And one he'd get an easier pass on if the Tic party along with its operatives and surrogates wouldn't always jump up and down and bark like a gaggle of outraged hyenas over much milder infractions by Republicans. Y'know, like a $600 per month lease for an apartment Coleman shares with a call center, or being accused of having gone fishing once with some guy who was indicted for bribing someone else.

That sort of thing.

As for the check cards, all you need to look at is the people for and against the issue. Republicans and big business against. Unions and Democrats for.

And it is at this point I must ask:

Exactly how stupid does Roboner Hilboner of Bonersville really think we are?

Yes. I can see why unions (who collect dues) and Tics (who collect boku contributions from unions) would be for such a thing. Why would anyone (other than a union boss, employee, lobbyist or a Tic) think that's a good thing?

And the no secret ballot issue as being un-American is blown way out of proportion. Why do you need to vote if you already pledged your support by signing the check card?

Um... because the sig card may have been coerced?

Just spitballing there.

The vote just gives the company another opportunity to crush the union, which is the only reason they are opposed to it in the first place.

And you do realize that since it's the NLRB that conducts the secret balloting (and I hasten to add here, that a private election must be called for by the employer - the employer may choose to forgo the election and recognize the designated bargaining rep once the requisite number of cards are signed) the employer is also not in a position to intimidate workers into doing something they don't want to do? In other words, they're on the same footing with Bruno, Vinnie and others with surnames like "Hoffa".



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