Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Reckless Disregard for Your Intelligence

My fellow Menomonee Fallsian Steve Gigl, once again makes me wish he'd write for KAR:

They rolled out every single possible anti-feminist argument against Palin—always in the “some people may say” kind of way, but of course they were the only ones saying it—that I thought we as a society were well past. (I know that everyone I’ve ever known or talked in every generation past my grandparents’ has gone beyond those stereotypes.) And in a way that they mostly didn’t do with Hillary, and didn’t do at all with Obama because of their sensitivity to racial stereotypes.

What do I mean? Oh, let me count the ways:

1. Suggesting that she somehow caused her son’s Down’s by being active during her pregnancy. [Morons.]

2. Suggesting that she was risking the health of her baby by traveling in her 8th month. [In which case, so did MLW. It’s not necessarily recommended, but neither is it forbidden.]

3. Calling her morals into question because her daughter got pregnant. Because a good person’s teenager could never do anything wrong.

4. Calling her ethics into question by using the word “Troopergate” with and describing it as being over the firing of a government official without any further context whatsoever.

5. Saying that she’s an unknown, when she was brought up as an outside-chance pick (usually in the same breath as Bobby Jindal, who probably would have been treated even more shabbily by the press had he been the pick).

6. Pushing the idea that she’s totally inexperienced (even less experienced than Obama), possibly as an attempt to shore up Obama’s sad lack of meaningful experience. Can you imagine them claiming that a male governor—let’s use Bobby Jindal as an example—doesn’t have any experience useful for the office of Vice President.

I would add:

7. Her husband has a Goatee, therefore he must be evil.

Watch for that one to make the rounds on the more-deranged-than-usual (it is an election year, after all) vicious twit-o-sphere.

(On second thought, the goatee claim's not ridiculous enough to play on Centrisity.)

And have you noticed the somewhat odd, slightly off accusations against Palin? First some drooling Kosling claims that Palin was covering her seventeen year old daughter's pregnancy by claiming that the child was hers. Then, a couple days later, we find out that the same 17 year old daughter is presently pregnant. Following that, there was the accusation that she was a member of some Alaskan secessionist party. Later the real story emerges (after the campaign released records dating back to 1982 showing that Palin was never registered with any party other than the Republican Party) that it is her evil goateed husband that was actually a member of that party, not her.

Kind of weird, don't you think? These almost-but-not-quite accurate stories appear to be an emerging pattern. First, someone trots out an unsubstantiated, but derogatory rumor. Then, the left wing echo chamber repeats it ad nauseum so it takes on a veneer of truth. And then when the actual, less (if at all) deleterious story emerges, they hope that everybody remembers the original, damaging narrative. The left wing drones can of course be counted upon to continue repeating the old, discredited story, as they have done so well over the past several years. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that these stories were orchestrated.

Who would do such a thing?

I mean, if you listen to them, they keep talking down her experience by constantly harping on about her stint as mayor of Wassillia (or whatever), as if those last 2 years in the governor's office had never happened. You know why?

Because those two years as governor give her two years more executive branch experience than Obama and Biden combined.


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