Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Stifling of Assent

Our pal, Teh Andee has been completely HOSEBAGGED:

I feel completely hosebagged.


It turns out I wasn’t credentialed to cover the RNC convention. I am allowed in the seciurity (sic) perimeter and can go wonder (sic) around the media areas, but it is pretty much like going way the heck out of your way to watch closed circuit TV or to hang out at a Kinkos to see where copies come from.

Virtually credentialed. Yep, that’s me.

"Virtually credentialed." This would have been the perfect kind of credential for the totally awesome virtual "journalists" at the Minnesoros "Independent". Then they wouldn't have had the standing to whine and kvetch about not getting credentialed to cover an event comprised of those they are paid to attack.

In other words, we at the RNC didn’t want to say no altogether, or admit that we have never heard of your blog, nor do we think anyone else has, I mean, heck we really only wanted to let the big boys in, like Ed, Powerline, and those guys, but we just couldn’t be honest and tell you we don’t give a crap about what you would say if we dared to let you in the XCEL. I said they’d never let me in the convention as a blogger, and I guess I was right, but they didn’t bother to have the guts to say no.

Why do Republicans hate...er, Republicans?

So this week seems to be turning into a week of having absolutely nothing to do with covering the RNC convention. Heck, I can’t get in there to see what is happening or how the crowd is reacting to everything. Oh wait, I can go live blog the reporters filing their stories at the press room. Oh joy. And good thing I bought some new camera equipment just for this. I figured I’d be up in the rafters so I got a telephoto lens for my camera, whoops did I waste money I guess.

This is the really bad news for you, KARNation, for Teh Andee was to be KAR's own Man Inside. We emotionally bankrolled his purchase of the video equipment ("go ahead and buy it, you can afford it"), because we tasked him with a super-secret mission that would have likely given KAR a blockbuster world exclusive. As what we thought was a credentialed blogger, Teh Andee would have been able to get close enough to Gov. Palin to determine if she was wearing a thong.

Now, we will virtually never know for sure. We all have been hosebagged.

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