Monday, September 08, 2008

A Very Special Bipartisan Obnoxious Packers Guy Post

Tonight the Packers and Vikings renew their semi-rivalry for the 95th time on Monday Night Football. Sonnies and Mudpuppies alike will be glued to their televisions. Once again we can rest assured that Packer Nation will be analyzing every arm motion Aaron Rodgers makes, while the typical Lutefisk Loser will be using the word "suck" in every other sentence while trying to steady the spinning room caused by their second Busch Light Draft (or, in the males' case, first wine spritzer).

But I write today not to divide, but to bring attention to a development that unites us all. Something that can bring cheer to the most passionate Packer fan and the most diseased Viking fan alike.

Since MNF moved to cable, ESPN is contractually obligated to provide their game broadcasts to local television networks in the concerned markets so that those who do not have cable may see the game. Tonight's local feed will be carried on channel 5, the local ABC affiliate.

This means that here in Minnesota (and presumably in Wisconsin as well, since ESPN and ABC are owned by the same company) regular ABC broadcasting will be preempted to carry the game. Tonight's regularly scheduled ABC program which will be preempted is:

The CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock

I for one welcome the unity brought by our shared relief that we will all be spared from exposure to this craptacular television event.

P.S. I have also legally changed my name to "Obnoxious Packer Seis Nueve". Please update your address books.

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