Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend FAIL Edition

Chief shows what comes out when stupid taxes go in.

MinnDepends chronicle the "protest to nowhere," and one idiot anarchist's failed attempt to avoid pepper spray.

“I saw him coming so I hit the ground because I didn’t want to get hit—I fetal-ed,” he repeated. “They stretched me out and turned me so I was on my back and another guy pulled my goggles off and he sprayed me. My goggles were already tilted a little bit”—he pointed to a space between his eye and his left ear—“and the guy ripped them off the rest of the way and sprayed me. Aaargh!” he yelled, in pain and frustration, and flipped back on his side. Fetal-ed.

No, dude — that's FAIL-ed. Be sure to read the comments after the article for more pwnage.

And, lastly - another DUmbass fail: An incoherent post is followed by a plea to give readers a clue as to its content and point.

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