Friday, September 12, 2008

Well, Obviously, That Doesn't Count

Our old pal Joe's clutching his pearls again:

TV ads for Erik Paulsen, produced by the National Republican Campaign Committee, are airing today despite the fact that Paulsen's opponent, Ashwin Madia, and several other major campaigns went dark today.

Clearly it's not too difficult to tell the networks and the cable channels you don't want your ads to show up on a given day. One would think that political content, even positive campaign spots, shouldn't be getting airtime on 9/11, especially from a party that has exploited the date to such effective ends over the past seven years

[Emphasis mine.]

No mention of the roughly 15 to 20 Al Franken TV ads I saw yesterday in my only intermittent and casual viewing of the tube. But then if he had mentioned them, even someone as partisanly deranged as Joe wouldn't have been able to pen the last line of that post (on a tangentially related topic) without himself cringing:

Classic political posturing -- accuse the opposition of the wrongdoing which you and your allies are committing.

No shit?

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