Monday, October 27, 2008

2008 Strib Endorsement Watch 3: Cognitive Dissidents

Just like the Masters, Saturday is moving day:

More state House races:

District 53A: Paul Gardner (DFL)

District 56A: Julie Bunn (DFL)

District 56B: Marsha Swails (DFL)

"Hey Swails - fifty bucks you slice!"

And Sunday's for the big hitters:

Prsident: Barack Obama (D[FL])


US Senate: Nahm Coleman (GOP)

Some of the usual suspects will say are saying that the Strib's endorsement of Coleman proves how right wing that paper has become. Rot. What it really proves is how batshit extreme Franken's supporters are. I mean, how rancid of a candidate do you have to be to run as a Democrat and have your opponent be endorsed on the very same page that Obama was?

Wrap your brain around that one you knee-jerking mouth breathers.

Although in fairness, it would be pretty hard for the Strib to move any further left from their position in 2006, when they endorsed 26 DFLers (81%) to 6 Republicans. Pretty much any movement would have to be to the right.

Onward to the 19th hole: US House

CD 1: Tim Walz (DFL)

CD 2: John Kline (GOP)

Write it down: Kline will be the last GOPer endorsed this year by the Strib. In fact, I'm convinced that the only reason he was endorsed was because they plan on endorsing all Dems for the remaining districts and they want to appear fair. Kline is simply the Republican that causes them the smallest gag reflex.

But we shall see.

Before posting the running tally, I would like to close today's SEW post with an observation from noted sane person, Phoenix Woman:

[Hey, Strib: A]re you now so in the tank for the right wing that you just don’t care any more about things like truth, justice or the American way?

Say... you're not calling them anti-American, are you...?

It’s now official: The only two things worth reading at the Strib nowadays are Nick (not Norm) Coleman’s column and the Sudoku puzzles. And I can read Nick’s stuff online.

Running tally:

DFL - 11 endorsements

GOP - 6 endorsements

2 to 1 in favor of the moonbat party. Sooooo in the tank for the "right wing".

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