Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Strib Endorsement Watch 4: "I Will Choose a Path That's Clear..." Edition

en-dorse \in-ˈdors, en-\ v. 2 a: to approve openly (endorse an idea); ... 2 a: to approve openly (endorse an idea) ; especially : to express support or approval of publicly and definitely (endorse a mayoral candidate)

Let's analyze that definition for a moment. Look particularly at the words "openly," "express," "publicly" and "definitely". From these indicators, we can have little doubt that an endorsement is an affirmative act. Something that is willingly and willfully offered through conspicuous action by the endorser.

Q: What's the opposite of "endorse"?

A: Whatever this is:

All three candidates in the race to replace Republican Jim Ramstad in the Third District are competent. But none inspired the critical mass of confidence required for our endorsement.

In all my years of auditing the Strib's endorsements, I don't think I have ever seen this. A non-endorsement? And if they're not endorsing anyone, why bother wasting (gets out ruler) 14 column inches to say so?

And what is this "critical mass" the SEB speaks of?

(A: Whichever candidate causes Lori Sturdevant to climax whenever his or her name is uttered.)

Since the Strib thinks none of these "competent" candidates is worthy of their endorsement, it falls to KAR to fill the void by endorsing the incompetent Nihilist in Golf Pants for the US House, MN 3rd District. There, now all you Minnetonkans know who to vote for. You're welcome.

Happily, the Strib did include one actual bona fide endorsement today. That corporate newspaper which is so in the tank for the right-wing recommends:

[US House] Sixth District: Elwyn Tinklenberg (DFL)

Let's give El his due: it's hard work crawling over dead bodies, twisted metal and collapsed bridge remains to get an endorsement. Money quote:

Tinklenberg's deep expertise in transportation -- a key issue for this north suburban district -- has already proven a valuable asset.

Valuable indeed. (Who was MNDOT's commish back in 2000 - 2001 again?)

So as it stands today, the running tally of endorsed candidates by party put forth by those corporate whore gun toting right wing ideologues at the Strib is:

DFL - 12

GOP - 6


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