Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 Strib Endorsement Watch 5: Down to the Dregs

First, I'd like to address a little controversy that erupted over our endorsement of the Nihilist in Golf Pants for the US House of Representatives, MN-3. It seems that some of his opponents' surrogates were upset that nobody from KAR interviewed the other candidates. To those people, I say: suck me.

Speaking of "suck me" the Tics are still - STILL - bitching about the Strib's (let's not to mention every other paper in the state's) endorsement of Norm Coleman. HOW DARE YOU REFUSE TO ENDORSE OUR VULGAR PUG-FACED CARPETBAGGING TWIT!!!11!!1!!111!


The Strib endorsement process is slowly fading out as we turn now to local offices nobody cares about:


District 6: Jan Callison (DFL)

District 7: Jeff Johnson (GOP)

From the endorsement:

Johnson is a business owner, lawyer and former state representative who has demonstrated that he can work effectively with colleagues across the aisle. During six years at the Legislature, where he rose to become assistant House majority leader, he sponsored bills to combat methamphetamine and limit the powers of eminent domain.

Energetic and focused, Johnson would ask tough questions and bring strong understanding of government functions. Though we disagree with him on some tax and transit issues, he would be a thoughtful conservative voice on the board

Those tax and transit issues must be why they endorsed Johnson's opponent for Attorney General, Lori Swanson, in '06. Because the Attorney General has a lot of responsibility in regards to, er, taxes and transit.

In any event, I met Jeff Johnson when he was running for AG. Really nice guy. In fact, if you don't like him, I can say with almost near-certainty that you are an asswad.

I can almost feel the bottom of the barrel:


Jill Davis (DFL)

Carla Bates (DFL)

Sharon Henry-Blythe (DFL)

Henry-Blythe is a Democrat but did not seek endorsements.

For our purposes, that does not matter.

So the corporatist, far right-wing, wingnut, Spawns of Dick Cheney HALLIBURTON! totally in the tank for the right-wing Strib Editorial Board, with but one day left (school levy endorsements) have endorsed:

DFL - 16

GOP - 7

"Tell me 'bout the rabbits, George" - 1

I believe that mathematically clinches it for the DFL for the, like, 300th straight year.

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