Friday, October 31, 2008

A Challenge

Since they didn't answer the question the first time, yet continue to advance the slur, I will pose the question again of CREW and the other Soros minions (hey MN Indy - don't you have a resident real estate market expert? *snort*) and of anyone even loosely affiliated with the Franken campaign:

How much would you pay for an apartment that had a 10x10 bedroom, a tiny bathroom, a wet bar for a kitchen and a living room that is shared with a boiler room phone center operation?

If it's more than $600, was that more a benefit to Coleman than the possibly tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars these Democrats saved over the term of their loans by getting points shaved off of sweetheart "VIP" loans, that none of you have said boo about?

[Columbo] Oh, one more question: I have a lone unnamed source that says you're all child molesters. Why haven't you turned yourselves in yet? [/Columbo]

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