Thursday, October 23, 2008

Government of, by, and for the DFL: Strib Endorsement Watch 3: Revenge of the Sturdevant

Once again it is time for the Strib Editorial Board to descend from the mountain and bestow their revealed wisdom upon us. I, of course, refer to the Strib's annual political endorsements!!!1!!11!!

We may see a paradigm shift in this years picks as this is the first major election since the purging of most of the SEB's most virulent left-wing buttheads from the board in June of 2007. On the other hand, we could see little departure from the monolithic blue slate, given that Lori Sturdevant will almost surely have a hand in the process. I'm looking for 75 to 80% DFLers with a few RINOs thrown in to provide plausible deniability that they are not just another arm of the DFL publicity machine. Also be on the lookout for the tired phrase "out of step with his/her district" to describe any sane GOP candidate running against a batshit insane DFLer in traditionally DFL (read: sense of entitlement) districts. I predict that phrase or some variant of it will be used at least 3 times to justify otherwise unjustifiable endorsements.

NOTE: I will only be tracking state and federal legislative and executive races, and ballot initiatives. No judicial elections, since I believe judges should be appointed and not elected (though I have less of a problem with retention elections). Judicial elections are the single most compelling bit of evidence that Populism is dumb.

Results from 2006 here.

2007 here.

Let's begin:

The Legacy Amendment (A "yes" vote would raise taxes to fund the hobbies of others).

Endorsement: VOTE NO. (GOP)

And once again we see here that there is not tax that the Strib will not -

Wait... what?


I can hardly believe this. Have the Pointy Headed Pinheads of Portland Avenue finally achieved lucidity? Have the spirits of Jimmy Jam Boyd and Steve "Hertz" Berg finally been exorcised?

This endorsement is consistent with a (checking to see if I read that right) (rechecking) (re-rechecking) GOP view, so GOP draws first blood.

Onward to the state House:

District 37A: Shelley Madore (DFL, WTF?) I will note here that the Strib's only ding on Madore's challenger is that she's inexperienced and talking-pointy. Or in other words, she's identical to Madore herself when they endorsed her for her first run in 2006.

District 37B: Phillip Sterner (DFL)

District 38A: Diane Anderson (GOP) This endorsement may be shocking, save for the fact that they refused to endorse the incumbent DFLer because she "was among the least active members of the House DFL majority last year, in terms of bills introduced, legislation signed into law and participation in debates." I believe the SEB-preferred term for this is "useless idiot."

More state House races:

District 40A: Will Morgan (DFL)

District 41A: Ron Erhardt (DFL) "What?" you say? Erhardt is a Republican? Rot. When you vote with the other party more than you vote with your own, for purposes of this game, you get counted with the other party. Think I'm being cute? Here's all you need to know about the motive behind the Strib endorsement:

[Erhardt] says he will caucus with the majority party.

District 41B: Paul Rosenthal (DFL)

The tally so far:

DFL - 5
GOP - 2

And remember: except for the ballot initiative, these endorsements were all for South / Southwest Suburban Minneapolis. To endorse 5 DFLers (yes, I'm counting Erhardt as a DFLer, so quit yer bitching) is, excuse the phrase, out of step with those districts.

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