Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet the Alternative Boss

JRoosh's term as MOB Mayor has begun with the peaceful transfer of power, which marks the legitimacy of any democratic exercise. I would like to salute Banannanianan for the class and dignity with which he has carried himself throughout his term. Unfortunately, that means he has no hope of ever holding the office again.

Yet there has been much consternation from one corner about the outcome of that election. As Secretary of State for Life, it falls to me to quell the passions of those who feel they've been wronged.

Since the Anti-Strib has enough contributors to advance both a candidacy and constituency of its own, I think it deserves its own Mayor. This Mayor will not have the same broad powers or wide ranging influence of the MOB Mayor, but it will be a distinct parallel governmental entity free to accept of reject the capricious dictates of the MOB Mayor as it relates to them, and them only. All Anti-Strib contributors have been nominated, the polls will close on Wednesday, and the plurality vote getter wins, as I have no desire to rehash the whole month-long nominating process / primary / general election thing again. I'd like to go back to pointing out amusing things like this article I found via Fark as soon as possible:

Gay Pride Festival seeks to raise area's awareness

David Nye and his partner, Dick Hunter -

Wait... what?

Ha ha!

Anyway, poll's on sidebar. One vote for computer / proxy IP per day. Blah blah blah. Etc. etc. As an added bonus, Iron Matron's working on an Official Mayoral Seal. Vote for Sequel.

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