Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Moron Mail

First they came for the people who hoarded their urine in 5 gallon buckets. I did not speak, for I was not a pee pee hoarder:

Katherine Kersten, in her Sept. 28 column, "RNC anarchists had friends in 'peaceful' protest groups" (Sept. 28), takes false information and reports it as fact.

St. Paul Police Chief Bob Fletcher and his crew found nothing that could be used for bombs during preemptive raids on houses of journalists and people who were organizing to cook food for others. He found two buckets of gray water (bath water that environmentalists keep and use to flush their toilets) and household items like jars, rags and peanut butter.

They also found:

Fletcher said officers found large amounts of urine, including three- to five-gallon buckets, and they had information it would be thrown at police during the convention.


The items seized, according to Fletcher's office, include: materials for creating "sleeping dragons" (PVC pipe, chicken wire, duct tape), a method by which protesters lock themselves together; wrist rocket slingshots; a gas mask and filter; homemade caltrops (devices Fletcher said could be used to disable buses on roads); empty plastic buckets cut and made into shields; and materials that Fletcher said could be made into Molotov cocktails.

So when you say "nothing that could be used for bombs" and omitted all those other things secured in the raid, you lied.

You are a liar.

An. Effing. Lying. Sack. Of. Shit. (Why hoard piss when you could have just thrown yourself at a delegate or police officer, you lying sack of shit?)


Oh, since that article was found in the fascist corporatist Pioneer Press, it has to be a lie because the Corporate Media does the bidding of Bushie McChimphitler, right?

OK. Here's another inventory from the same raids in the Strib.

All media is right-wing? Well, I suppose I could just amble down to city hall and get the police report, but I'm sure you'd call that a lie too, you lying sack of shit liar.

This is why I don't engage in debate with people like you.

As to the incidents of property damage, our organization -- Communities United Against Police Brutality -- has two witnesses who state that the individual who broke the Macy's window stepped from behind the police line, broke the window and then returned behind that line. And, even if the individual is not associated with the police,

So you're proposing that the masked, black-clad vandal might have been associated with the police? Are you on drugs too, you lying sack?

a significant number of police officers watched the incident and did absolutely nothing to stop it.

Why the hell should I believe anything you write any more?

Kersten is upset because we refuse to throw other activists under the bus for the benefit of the brutal cops whose grotesque overreaction to a few minor incidents resulted in hundreds of injuries and the crushing of the rights of thousands.

How dare they protect the rights of those who peaceably assembling for the purpose of political speech in the XCel center from the likes of those who keep caltrops, wrist rockets and buckets of urine as ordinary household items! Perhaps if you assnozzles had any sort of history of policing those thugs marching beside you (or as you call it, "throwing them under the bus"), not an ounce of pepper spray would have been wasted on their worthless asses.

(Yes, I know: pepper spray goes on the face. But I'm on a roll here.)

I'm proud that we won't do it.

So to summarize, you are:

* A liar

* A possible druggie

* A Strib letter writer; and

* An abettor of criminals.

I wanna party with you, cowboy!

We're clear who the real enemy is

The pope? Joey Butafucco?

-- and it isn't "the anarchists" who only want a world without the kind of sick and twisted power dynamics that have us in a "war without end" and have brought our economy to near-implosion.

That's a lot of unhinged-from-reality talking-pointy rage-addled protesterspeak crammed into a single sentence fragment. To stupid to even fisk. I'm through with you, you lying sack.


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