Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Snot -or- How Leftwing Assnozzle Bloggers Are Chilling Free Speech

I have a bitch of a cold. In the past 24 hours, the various cavities in my head have produced roughly forty gallons of mucus.

Speaking of head cavities and mucus, allow me a moment to discuss local lefty bloggers and their chilling effect on free speech.

Because of my cold, I was going to blow off posting today, and instead post an amusing graphic promoting KAR's own Bobo the Talking Chimp in the current MOB Mayoral election. There's this site, that allows you to create an Obama "[blank] we can believe in" poster. In the blank you can put whatever you want, and the site will spit out the image with your words incorporated in the graphic, just like Ha Ha Guy and those ubiquitous mock inspirational posters.

So, I was going to fill in the blank with the phrase "A talking monkey," upload the resulting graphic, caption the post "Vote for Bobo," publish and then go blow my nose for an hour an a half. Well, I got to step 2, and then I realized that if I posted the picture, I would inevitably have to endure a shitstorm from a host of deranged leftybloggers clutching their pearls in faux outrage, screaming "RACIST".

Yeah, out of context, a picture of Barack Obama underneath the words "A talking monkey" would probably be worthy of scorn. In context everybody would get that I'm not referring to Obama. But do you really think Weiner, Bodell, the Wedge, Spot the Toothless Dog and the other drooling snotballs out there would let context get in the way of affirming their ill-conceived notions?

Of course not. They traffic in slander and innuendo because we believe the top marginal tax rate should be 5% less than they do. On that basis they despise us, and therefore we must be marginalized by whatever means necessary, no matter how moronic or dishonest.

So the Bobo campaign's paws are tied. I suppose I could appeal for a sympathy vote?

Anyway here's a free online craps game to play. Courtesy of the Bobo campaign.

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