Saturday, November 22, 2008

FAIL: Weekend Edition

It's not too hard to find a bounty of FAIL this week...

Franken/Coleman Recount: MPR has a pictoral poll that displays the intelligence of MN voters, like this fine example:

MinneSoros Independent "reporter" gets the boot from Coleman's campaign. Again. LOLZ!

While banks and car execs are begging for bailouts, our nation's newly-elected leader is avoiding tough questions and spooning with his homies in Chi-town:

CHICAGO – President-elect Barack Obama grabbed his lunch to go Friday and artfully dodged a question about the auto industry woes he'll inherit.

"We got the corned beef," Obama said as he made his way around the counter at Manny's deli. Asked by a reporter what he thought about the auto industry, he responded with a smile: "I got the corned beef."

And some dessert (which desperately needs Bill's help with decorating)...

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