Monday, November 17, 2008

GLBT Activists Seek Their Own Doll Store To Compete With "American Girl"

(November 17-KAR News International) Dozens of GLBT activists demonstrated in Minneapolis Saturday protesting the media hype over the new "American Girl" doll store opening at Mall of America. Their message was overshadowed by the Prop 8 protesters, but KAR News found a much more interesting "story within a story."

As protesters gathered at the government center, long lines of eager girls and enabling parents formed at MOA's American Girl store opening to purchase $90 dolls and spend even more on accessories.

Meanwhile in downtown Minneapolis, GLBT activists complained that there are no doll stores that cater to their community. Said one otherly-gendered activist: "I never had a doll that represented me and my sexual preference (which I'm still not sure of). I was stuck playing with trolls."

Other activists vow to open their own store in the Uptown area: "American SheMale." Dolls include adoption papers, including a fill-in-the-blank sexual orientation (erasable ink pen included). One of the more popular dolls is Gay Bob:

Featuring: BALL JOINTED and FLEXIBLE penis. FLEXIBLE hips, elbows, knees, hands, feet and boots. BALL JOINTED neck, shoulders and hips. INTERCHANGEABLE hands, feet and penis. Includes commemorative dog tag, play safe condom for you and the Rebel, official booklet and Certificate Of Authentication. $69.95
The store, located next to Victor/Victoria's Secret on Lake Street, is expected to open in time for the holidays.

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