Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Green Jobz Coming to Minnesota!

What a relief to know that the state of our state economy could green up with new green jobs, according to our Guv's new proposal.

Pawlenty held a state Capitol news conference to announce a "Green Jobs Investment Initiative" aimed at helping the state take fuller advantage of an emerging field.

The initiative includes a new "Green JOBZ'' program that provides the same tax exemptions for qualifying green jobs projects already available to businesses under the existing Job Opportunity Building Zones program. Besides that $10.25 million, it includes $80 million in other tax breaks to boost business investments, half of which would be aimed at green jobs projects for small businesses and for businesses promoting the state's renewable energy goals. A year ago, the state committed to generating 25 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

So what kind of new green manufacturing "jobz" can we look forward to? KAR investigators snooped around and found some green products we could manufacture in Minnesota:

There's never a shortage of green snot...

... or poop on your green lawn.

And my favorite: Grass Gas! Researchers are developing another bio-fuel from llamas raised locally. With grass, there's no need to rotate crops as with corn. Llamas are small, sustainable and portable. Grass goes in, green spit comes out — and you're ready to top off the tank!

A local manufacturer shows the process:

Look for llama futures to skyrocket, so invest now. When it comes to saving the planet and our economy with green jobz, make KAR your first stop for ideas. You're welcome, Governor.

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