Thursday, November 20, 2008

No You Can't Haz Press Pass. Not Yours.

Mitch on the Minnesoros Dependent's unending kvetching about pretend journalists being kept out of Norm Coleman's pressers:

Except that the Minnesoros “Independent” is in no way “independent media”. Leave aside the (accurate, but for our purposes irrelevant) Soros connection; when departing staffers emerge from the Kool-Aid hangover long enough to point out that the “news outlet” that employed them really was a shrill partisan shill - a paid employee of the opposition, in fact - is Coleman and his staff obliged to treat them with the sort of deference and respect that they traditionally pay the Strib, WCCO or MPR?

I would add that you can easily separate "legitimate press" from the astroturfed bought "media" by their reasons for attending such a press conference.

The Strib, the telenets and MPR send reporters to get information that they think their consumers might want some knowledge of. In the current situation, that might be things such as what lawsuits might be filed, reports from the recount offices, how they think the Sec State is handling the whole thing and so on.

Outfits like Minnesoros Dependent and the Uptake don't really care for such mundane things (why should they? The Strib, the Pi Press, the local and some national outlets are already covering that stuff). No, like those creepy campaign workers who follow their candidates' opponents around with a video camera, these people are just looking for a fuck-up. They are far more interested in if there's a booger hanging out of the spokester's nose while he takes questions, or perhaps a major "get" like Norm Coleman accidentally pronouncing his opponent's name as "Al Fagman." When the campaign filed the answer to Franken's latest bullshit lawsuit? Not so much.

This kind of whored out self-degradation is why they can't have nice things.

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