Monday, November 24, 2008

Observations of Leftist Smiles

Lefty smiles = creepy.

Exhibit A:
Last Friday, I assisted with the Coleman/Franken recount in Minneapolis. Inbetween shifts and inside the break room, I noted Coleman folk were generally pleasant, Franken folk were generally funereal. Especially when Franken lost a vote in one precinct: the looooyers from out of state mastered the art of giving sourpussy.
Did I just write that? Well, it' is less gross than Cleveland Steamer. -ed.

Anyhoo: it's hard to imagine this guy (displaying a combo smilie/frownie) as Senator:

Exhibit B:
MinneSoros Independent & Strib mug shots. Some managed to turn the corners of their mouth upward, others not. It's hard to smile when you've been told to stay quiet. Or else. Click to see bigger smilies.

The StarTribune tried to broaden Nick Coleman's smile to give it a more cheerful effect.

I rest my face -- er, case.

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