Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shocking Swedish Sex Ring

This article is just filled with awesome. Like this:

But the man was quick to defend his relations with a bitch he bought online from a city-dwelling family...

and this:

Any of the times I did anything with her she was the one who backed into me and provoked it. She was in heat and made herself available. There were also times later when she didn't want to and then I backed out immediately.

and this:

At one meeting in a small village in Småland, five men waited for a woman who had promised to bring along two dogs. But when she was unable to make it to the meeting, the men spoke instead of their experiences, including a previous visit to a colleague they referred to as "donkey man".

aaaaaaaand this:

"Should it be permitted to stroke a bitch's teats with love...?"


Relax, Jeffie the Donkey Man. They're just talking about bestiality.


Is it, and should it be, legal to spread something on the genitalia that might smell or taste nice to a dog, in order to allow the dog to lick off whatever is spread on the genitalia?

That line and the one preceding it is especially full of WIN since they were uttered by Sweden's Agricultural Minister.

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