Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thus Spake Bennahuma

Damage control! We need damage control STAT!

As we gear up for a new year, the Center for Independent Media is reorganizing in order to save our cash for the 2010 election cycle better fulfill our mission of impacting public debate and advancing George Soros' agenda the common good through quality journalism.

We are streamlining operations with a more centralized editorial system YOU SHALL OBEY to support the entire news network as it grows, with more full-time writers and fewer part-time writers. Our reorganization will allow us to deepen and strengthen coverage of solely republican sex scandals, hypothetical yet unproven Republican corruption, rumor, innuendo and Steve Perry's fevered crap in the states we wish to dominate serve and lay the foundation for expansion to new states in 2009 and beyond.

We are grateful to those useful idiots talented and creative people who have outstayed their usefulness helped us elect Democrats reach our goals thus far, and we look forward to continuing our history of propagandistic excellence in journalism as we grow to meet the demands of the future

David S. Bennahum is President & CEO of the Center for Independent Media, which publishes the Minnesota Independent, and is a former Media Matters Senior Fellow.

[Cutesy edits mine]

Good thing I was able to get a hold of the first draft of this "Publisher's Note", otherwise we may have never known that the connections between Media Matters and CIM ran deeper than just the rental of office space, as this totally editable Wikipedia article implies. I mean if you're going to graciously include a section about "criticisms" you should at least get those criticisms right. Nobody said that Media Matters funded CIM. Duh. Media matters isn't in the business of "funding" anything. We merely pointed out that the ties between who funded them and the rather incestuous nature of their personnel moves indicated that neither of these organizations were "independent" and were both founded to accomplish the aims of their far left-wing donors under the guise of detatched "journalism".

That's all. Like I said, good thing Wikipedia is editable. Because it would be a shame to just let that half truth just sit there. You know, unedited.

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