Wednesday, December 31, 2008

11 Worst Political Persons in Minnesota in 2008

We did this in 2006, but skipped last year. I blame it on booze.

11. Anybody Who Voted for Al Franken. Seriously. You're all morons. The DFL should just run a fart joke against Pawlenty in 2010. You dumb fucks will vote for any worthless pantload with a DFL behind its name, and this pretty much proves it.

10 through 2. Al Franken.

1. Dave Mindeman. Mindeman could win for a myriad of reasons. It could be for the stultifying and predicable partisan hackery. It could be for the tone-deaf perspective free Party First BS. But I think the most compelling reason is his ongoing irony-proof jealousy-snit / man crush on Michael Brodkorb:

#3. Michael Brodkorb. The blogger of Minnesota Democrats Exposed always rates highly on this list. And this year is no exception. The master of negative campaign tactics, Brodkorb surged to new heights with the US Senate election. Pouring over an extensive array of Al Franken's past writings, Brodkorb would portray decades old commentary or writings and re-publish them as "breaking news" evidence of Franken's supposed character flaws. If Franken wrote it, it must be what Franken believes. And to Brodkorb's delight, people began to buy into it -- media, gleeful Republicans, and even some dubious Democrats. As Brodkorb continued the slide into the gutter, Coleman managed to hide behind that focus on Franken. Nobody discussed the Coleman voting record. Nobody examined his record on the war, his record on tax cutting for the wealthy, and the money coming in from big donors and interest groups. Nobody focused on his "friend with the plane". His ties to, and arrangements with, Jeff Larson.

Er... all you imbeciles "examined" his ties to Jeff Larson, up to and including the deeply stupid ginned up apartment arrangement. There was no there there. Smart people moved on. People like Mindeman never did.

Brodkorb set up the perfect smokescreens and did the most to bring ugly to the ugliest campaign in recent memory. Brodkorb has become a folk hero to the GOP faithful, especially those who like that down and dirty style. And Brodkorb has been rewarded in a sense, getting a job with the State Senate minority caucus. Which means we will probably have more of that tactic in our future. The deep opposition research.... the character assassination.... the off topic maneuvering. So, you will probably see Brodkorb high on this list for the foreseeable future.

Lost on the oblivious Mindeman is the fact that every single aspersion he casts at Brodkorb (taken in their general sense) could be used to describe any activist leftyblogger hack in Minnesota. Remember the Norm Coleman greenscreen flap. The rumors circulating about his "unusual marital arrangements". Remember the whole thing about Eric Paulsen getting donations raised at a strip club? Made up stories about Sarah Palin believing Jesus rode on Dinosaurs?

Those didn't come from Brodkorb. Or the Strib. They came from party hacks like Mindeman and his ilk. Brodkorb and Mindeman are 2 sides of the same coin. The only difference being that
Brodkorb is effective.

Congratulations Dave, and here's looking to another year of your irrelevant partisan hackery!

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