Tuesday, December 23, 2008

C'est Chic

OMG WTF????//?/?/?

Fellow conservatives: We're FREAKIN' OUT!!!1!!1!1!!1

OMG OMG OMG OMG FRANKEN!1!!1123w424ws213`1`



What's that?

We're not freakin' out? Well, it says so right here:

The Right Wing Freak-Out Over Franken Begins

So it must be true!

What now? You want me to look at the author of that post?


I see. We need to adopt the old "assume the opposite" paradigm. It's been a while. I'm out of practice. Sorry.

(Notice how he cites a single mass email from *NewsMax* as evidence of said right-wing-wide "freak out". This from the same crowd of whiny pant-wetting bitches who are still carping about the 2000 election.)

Correction: nobody's freaking out. Except for gelatinous crapbloggers who are upset about the dearth of evidence that conservatives are freaking out.

KAR regrets the fact we have to share space with these people error .

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