Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Democrat. Tic.

Caroline Sschloshberg Schlosk Kennedy is 51 years old. Camelot princess. Had the parents, the education, the moolah. And this is the end result? Holy shit. As 'spected, the leftoids jump to her defense:

Jocelyn Rasmussen, a Manhattan voice coach, said Kennedy's verbal tics don't necessarily betray weakness or doubt.

"She's just inexperienced," she said. "It's just a habit, the way young people all say 'like' every other word. I don't think she even knows she's doing it, to that degree."

If I ran for office, I could say I'm inexperienced too. But I can string a sentence together without the tics. Next, a helpful suggestion for Princess CK from Coach Obvious:

Tim Malloy, a Pennsylvania speaking coach, suggested this cure: She should learn how to pause and would benefit from coaching, or listening to some recordings of the most famously eloquent Kennedy. "She needs to listen to her father," he said.

Hang the dad tapes — I think she'd be cured after listening to her own recording.

you know.

u no.

ewe noah.

Lastly, this apologist isn't at all troubled with Caroline Kennedy's cavalcade of tics:

Spokesman Stefan Friedman said, "Caroline has acknowledged that she hasn't mastered the art of the political sound bite, but if Gov. Paterson appoints her, she'll fight her heart out to make sure New York families have their voices heard in Washington."


When it comes to mastering sound bites, CK summited the Mt. Fail peak and rang the bell.

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